Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe was torched in a Washington Post fact-check column for repeatedly citing "wildly inflated" COVID-19 data. New York Post
VOA VIEW: McAuliffe, like most all other Dems is a perpetual liar.
We’ve often sounded alarms over fellow Democrats who demonize Israel. But lately, even our party’s establishment and its leaders have become complicit in the consequences — by failing to denounce these attacks. New York Post
VOA VIEW: Left Dems are not loyal to anyone, not even the US.
Most agents received significantly reduced discipline, according to a report released Monday by the U.S. House of Representatives. LA Times
VOA VIEW: Don't believe all that is read in the liberal media.


A question about stop-and-frisk during the second mayoral debate prompted Curtis Sliwa to question Eric Adams' tough-on-crime cred. New York Post
VOA VIEW: Adams is not tough on crime.
An air freshener sold at Walmart has been recalled due to the fact it contains the bacteria Burkholderia pseudomallei that has been linked to at least one death, officials said. New York Post
If this Democrat wins his race for Buffalo mayor it could be thanks to area Republicans. New York Post
VOA VIEW: Republicans are against socialists
As whistleblowers continue to dump documents revealing internal Facebook discussions about controlling content, one thing is striking: The thousands of pages released so far contain zero signs of staff worries about (or even awareness of) left-wing hate speech and misinformation. Perhaps we’re only seeing part of the picture. But Facebook staffers’ incessant drive to censor right-wing stories... New York Post
VOA VIEW: Facebook is against conservative views and thought.
President Joe Biden and “special climate envoy” John Kerry’s upcoming trip to the UN Climate Change Conference in Scotland will test what this administration cares about. New York Post
VOA VIEW: A valid point.
Democrats are arguing pros and cons of Medicaid expansion, including if the federal government should pay in states that wouldn't pick up 10% of the cost.       USA Today


The office of U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., received a package with a "suspicious substance" and a threat that "The Patriarchy will rise again."      USA Today
China's growing strength is still something the United States can withstand. If we panic, we will turn a manageable crisis into a frightening one.       USA Today
VOA VIEW: China is doing well in the US implosion.
Widespread disagreement among Democrats over Medicare expansion and combating climate change is threatening to wreck two of President Biden’s top domestic priorities: the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill and a partisan expansion of the federal safety net. The long-simmering divisions between moderate and far-left Democrats flared up Tuesday as lawmakers ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: The far-left must not prevail.
Members of the military, federal workers and government contractors have filed a class action against President Biden’s federal COVID-19 vaccine mandate, arguing they have not been afforded religious exemptions — or had those honored — for the shots.   The group includes Navy SEALs and Marines, among others, who charge ... Washington Times

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Oklahoma lawmakers are not backing away from a measure they passed to outlaw critical race theory-infused teaching in public schools, despite a new lawsuit challenging the bill. The lawsuit is the first of its kind to be filed in the nation as states begin passing bills banning critical race theory ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: A positive gesture, which all states should follow.
Joe Biden isn't one to let the facts get in the way of a good story. Five days after the president was called out for repeating a debunked tale about an Amtrak conductor, he did it again, telling a New Jersey audience Monday about an encounter with Angelo Negri that ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: A liar will stick to his lies.
Federal prosecutors have won guilty pleas from a dozen people involved in South Carolina's construction industry who hired illegal immigrants and paid them using unlicensed check cashers in order to shield the payments from the IRS. The pleas are the first in what prosecutors called an "expansive" undercover investigation along ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: They should all be found and turned out.


Conservative activists have launched a grassroots email campaign to pressure the CEOs of Walmart and CVS to end mandatory “antiracism” workshops that tell employees how to think and talk about White privilege. As of Tuesday morning, activists had sent 1,006 emails to CVS CEO Karen Lynch since Sept. 22 and ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: They should keep up the fight.
A newly released study finds that nearly half of all Americans suffering from mental illnesses have not received treatment in the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic. The seventh annual survey of 3,000 American families was designed by Deseret News/BYU and conducted by YouGov from June 25 to July 8. ... Washington Times
Rosenworcel has been a fierce advocate of net neutrality. ABC
VOA VIEW: Another incompetent fool.
Go out for a night on the town in some U.S. cities and you might find yourself waiting while someone at the door of the restaurant or theater closely inspects your vaccination card and checks it against your photo ID ABC
VOA VIEW: Who knows if an ID is fake and who will say it is?
Facebook shelved or delayed moves that could have limited anti-vax content. ABC
VOA VIEW: Facebook is a joke.

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An advisory panel at the Food and Drug Administration voted on Tuesday to move forward with the vaccine authorization process for children ages 5-11. ABC
Hundreds of employees at the carrier who have refused to get their shots remain on paid leave. CBS
Democrats also proposed a 15% minimum tax on companies reporting more than $1 billion in profits each year. CBS
VOA VIEW: Madness!

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President Biden's approval ratings have hit a new low as congressional Democrats continue to negotiate the spending package. Meanwhile, Mr. Biden is visiting New Jersey and Virginia, where Democrats are fighting to hold on to the governor's mansion. Ed O'Keefe reports. CBS
VOA VIEW: Biden is sinking like a ship with many holes.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg kicked off his company's earnings call Monday by adamantly defending recent criticism following a massive leak of internal research. Zuckerberg said problems like polarization and hate speech are bigger than social media and laid out his vision for the platform's future. Laurie Segall reports. CBS
VOA VIEW: The big shot baby looks bad.
Microsoft's Azure revenue growth came in ahead of analysts' expectations. The company saw strong demand for consumption-based cloud services in the quarter. CNBC
Democrats say they only have a handful of issues to resolve before they can strike a deal on Biden's social safety net and climate plan. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Don't count on it.
New details of a Democratic plan to enact a 15% minimum corporate tax on declared income of large corporations were released Tuesday by three senators. CNBC
VOA VIEW: That puts all US businesses at a world disadvantage.
In accordance with these deadlines, carriers will be charged $100 for each lingering container per day starting Nov. 1. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Foolish and not workable.
Facebook beat on earnings but missed on revenue and average monthly users. Five experts discuss what they think about the stock now. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Facebook is being exposed.
A man accused of barking death threats at Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., over the phone earlier this year was nabbed last week on a federal indictment, according to court records. FOX News
U.S. and European law enforcement officials have arrested 150 people and seized more than $31 million in an international drug trafficking investigation stemming from sales on the darknet, the Justice Department announced on Tuesday. FOX News
A Wisconsin judge laid out ground rules for the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse that starts Nov. 1, prohibiting both sides from using certain words to describe the wounded individuals, according to reports. FOX News
VOA VIEW: Good - a foolish trial full of hype.
A member of the Black Virginians for Glenn Youngkin coalition told Fox News why she believes members of her group are supporting the Republican candidate in Virginia's gubernatorial race. FOX News
VOA VIEW: Youngkin should win.
The Ohio School Boards Association severed ties with the National School Boards Association after the national group sent a letter to President Biden FOX News
Chicago police union head John Catanzara is no longer prohibited from publicly encouraging his members to disobey the city’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, which expired Monday after a judge refused to extend it. FOX News
VOA VIEW: Makes sense for free speech.
Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Colin Kahl on Tuesday told lawmakers that the Islamic State-Khorasan Province, or ISIS-K, could be able to strike the United States within six to 12 months. UPI
VOA VIEW: We should all take heed.
Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Colin Kahl on Tuesday told lawmakers that the Islamic State-Khorasan Province, or ISIS-K, could be able to strike the United States within six to 12 months. UPI
The state of Washington on Tuesday sued 19 chicken producers, accusing them of illegally conspiring to inflate prices, the attorney general announced. UPI
Undergraduate college enrollment fell 6.5% this year compared to fall 2019, the largest two-year decline in half a century, according to an analysis released Tuesday. UPI
The United States on Tuesday backed Taiwan re-entering the United Nations on the heels of the anniversary of its formal expulsion 50 years ago. UPI

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At a summit Tuesday with a unified bloc of 10 Southeast Asian nations, President Biden announced a $100 million initiative that he said is a measure of support in the face of growing Chinese influence. UPI
VOA VIEW: American taxpayer money to bribe the world.
Lawmakers in the U.S. House of Representatives unanimously voted Monday night to award the Congressional Gold Medal to the 13 U.S. soldiers who were killed in a terrorist attack on an Afghan airpot in late August. UPI

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